FAA Drone Laws and Regulations

Enrico-Drone-4-150x150Are you a company interested in commercial UAV? You need a drone attorney to help you navigate FAA regulations.  Our drone attorney team and UAS industry professionals can help you quickly and efficiently navigate the FAA drone regulations. A technology attorney at our office can help protect your competitive advantage with trademark registration, copyright protection and patent prosecution.
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FAA Laws on Drones, Part 107, and Part 107 Waivers

Drone laws and the regulation of commercial UAV by the FAA are good news.   Increased drone use will result in public acceptance and adoption of drones and UAV, despite privacy and safety concerns.  The potential benefits of drones for fire fighting, inspection, search and rescue, education, scientific study, agriculture, real estate, mapping, aerial photography and videography are beyond imagination.  Many countries are way ahead of the US in regulating and allowing commercial drones.   The FAA can put the US in a better position to compete in the global UAV market.  FAA Part 107 opens the door for commercial interests to finally realize the potential of drones in the United States.  While FAA drone law and state laws can be complicated, your ability to fly drones safely depends on fully understanding how drone laws and regulations works.  There is considerable confusion about “how” and “when” you can fly drones for commercial purposes, and the use of UAV in various industries.  An experienced drone attorney can help your UAV business get off the ground. Chances are, we have a drone lawyer who already represents a client just like you, on a matter just like yours.

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