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A comprehensive list of all digital products we offer for commercial drone pilots in the US.
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OPs in A Box

15 key contracts, manuals and documents every professional drone operator needs to succeed.
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sUAS Services Agreement

Industry Standard, Drone Service Agreement (UAV Customer Contract)
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Notice of UAV Operations

UAV Flight Permission Forms For Nearby Property Owners
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60 or 90 Minute Consultation

Speak to a Part 107 Expert in this ‘quick hit’ ‘low cost’ approach to helping you fly in the right direction!
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UAV Pilot Contractor Agreement

Hiring a drone pilot, VO or remote pilot? This Contractor Agreement may be for you.
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Website Terms of Use

Your Terms of Use, Privacy Agreement and Copyright Policy Are Your Most Important Contracts.
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FREE Part 107 Waiver & Airspace Training Videos

Learn how to request Part 107 Waivers & Obtain Airspace Authorization from the ATC
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Our Attorneys Represent Drone Companies, Pilots & Provide Legal Advice on Enterprise Integration

  • Comprehensive and customizable to your needs. Video that goes along with the documents are top-notch. Enrico goes through every line of the document. Just what I was looking for at a very affordable price.

    Contract Drafting Expertise Ron T., Hawkeye Aerial Imaging
  • I had spoken to other vendors but they were nowhere near as knowledgeable or natural when answering my many questions…. Enrico is a UAV enthusiast himself which really shows in the quality of service he and his staff provide.

    Experienced Drone Attorney Michael L.Lee, Aerial Photography & Solutions, LLC

Enrico-Drone-4-150x150Are you a drone pilot or company interested in flying commercial drones under Part 107? You need a drone attorney to help you navigate FAA regulations, draft contracts specific to sUAS and build your business.  Our drone attorney team and UAS industry professionals located in Detroit, MI, Traverse City, MI, Austin, TX and Los Angeles CA can help you quickly and efficiently protect your competitive advantage with all levels of general counsel services including drone contract drafting, trademark registration, copyright protection and patent prosecution.
Contact a drone attorney today for more information and to learn more about our unique process, quality commitment and competitive pricing for drone law and UAV legal representation.
Here is our main website if you want to learn more about our expertise and service offerings to technology companies, founders and emerging growth companies.
Complex Litigation – Internet Law – Trademark Law – Copyright Law – Patent Law – Business Law – Cybersquatting Law –  Internet Defamation –  Law Trade Secret Law – Non-Compete Law – Drone Law Marijuana Law. [Detroit Attorneys,  Austin Attorneys.  Los Angeles Attorneys.]

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