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FAA required Manual for UAV drones

The FAA is requiring operators to have a special operations manual if you want to fly within 500 feet a of people, Including people who are part of the purpose of the flight operation. While it is possible that the FAA 500 foot rule for drones and UAV – and FAA requirement for a special operators manual – will go away under part 107, this manual should still be followed to the extent practicable.

All professional drone operators should have a series of documents for their UAV operations, Including operations manuals designed to standardize in ensure safety across all flight operations. Will free operation manual forms and sample operating manuals are not  bad start, you will always want to upgrade your manual to meet your company’s specific requirements.

Purchase a FAA Compliant ‘500 Foot Operations Manual’ (click link below)



Alright, we’ve have good news for all you exemption owners who received your exemption after 03/06/2015. If you received a new exemption, you also received permission to fly any UAV that have been approved, as air worthy, by the FAA as long it is on the FAA’s list of approved aircrafts. So that’s great news.

But here’s the real big benefit of the new Section 333.  It now allows you to fly closer than 500 feet to people who are part of the purpose of the operation and even spectators to the operation if you have an Operator’s Manual that complies with the conditions and limitations on the new Section of 333.

So, here is what we can do for you. We have an FAA compliant 500 Foot Operator’s Manual that you can purchase from us for $400 and this Operator’s Manual will entitle you to fly closer than 500 feet to people who are part of the purpose of the operation and people who are spectator’s to the operation. Now there are any number of requirements that have to be followed under the operator’s manual in order to pull this off, in order to fly closer than 500 feet. This new Operation’s Manual, by the way, also allows you to fly within 500 feet to structures and vehicles, again, assuming you’ve got the correct permissions in place and that you fully comply with this new 500 foot Operator’s Manual.

This is what you get for $400:

You’ll get the operations manual that will allow you fly within 500 feet of people, vehicles, and structures that is compliant with the new section 333 issued by the FAA. If you are flying closer than 500 feet without this manual you could be subject to FAA fines and penalties. You could also risk having your exemption taken away.

If you have an older version of the Section 333 exemption that does not allow for flights closer than 500 feet then contact us and we can get you an amendment to that exemption and get you the FAA approved Operations Manual that you need to fly.

Enrico Schaefer with Drone Law Pro.

Here is a link to the new Section 333 language which requires the Operations Manual for flying within 500 feet of people, structures and vehicles.