Commercial UAV Drone Use in Real Estate Markets

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The use of commercial UAV drones in the real estate market is the latest and greatest way to feature real estate properties for sale. However, the National Association of Realtors strongly recommend that real estate brokers and agents follow the FAA requirements of obtaining a Section 333 Exemption Permit for filing or taking photographs of real estate properties.

A drone is flying over my property?!!

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Drone flying over or near your property may eventually become a very common occurrence. Depending on the flight, you may have options available to you. However, shooting at them is not one of those options. The drone operator has very specific rules and regulations to follow for a drone flight which may offer you some options to have the flight terminated over your property.

UAS Section 333 Petition for Exemption Frequently Asked Questions

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The FAA regulations concerning flying drones and UAVs for commercial use can be complicated. Section 333 Exemption Petition is essentially a request to the FAA to seek relief from certain requirements under the Federal Aviation Regulations. And once you get a Section 333 Exemption, you still need to comply with all other Federal Aviation Regulations for the drone flight. We have answers to some of the important questions regarding obtaining a Section 333 Petition for Exemption.

Drone Use in the Film and Movie Industry

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Filmmakers and photographers are now using UAV/drones in film making in addition to the use of aircraft, helicopters and other sophisticated on the ground equipment to capture video for decades. The upside is that UAVs offer a lower cost alternative for filmmakers. Filmmakers policy and procedure models for safety when using drones will need to be adopted by all other industries as well.

FAA Commercial Drone Regulations: FAA drone laws and regulations continue to evolve at a fast rate.  The commercial use of drones by private companies is starting to take hold across a wide variety of markets from the film and movie industry, real estate, inspections, video and photography and agriculture. Can I fly a UAV or drone right now to make money?  You’re not …

Photo / Film Section 333 Exemptions

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Almost half of the FAA exemption petitions being filed under Section 333 are for photography and film industry. As of July, 45.15% of all Section 333 Exemption Petitions were for photography and videography (film).  This does not include real estate drone use, which represents about 25% of the total exemptions applied for by companies looking to use drones for commercial …