Florida’s New Drone Law Creates FAA Compliance Confusion

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In May 2015, Florida passed the Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act (“Act”) [FL Statute 934.50], greatly restricting drone usage within the state. Aimed at promoting privacy, the Act prohibits individuals from purposely surveilling privately owned real property OR the owner/occupant thereof. With the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) allowing general civilian drone use and issuing exemptions to allow commercial drone use, …

Hire a Drone Attorney to For Your Drone Service Business

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Our Drone attorneys get asked this question all the time. “Why should we hire your law firm to represent our drone service business?” Contact us for more information about how we can help your drone business grow.  Hire a Team of Intellectual Property / Business Attorneys & Industry Professionals To Help Your Drone Business Take Off. The answer is simple. We …

Criminal Charges Filed Against Teacher Who Crashed 3DR Solo Drone into U.S. Open

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How might ‘The U.S. Open Drone Guy” defend himself in Court? You can be prosecuted for violating FAA regulations, or state criminal laws for negligent or reckless drone operation.  Just ask Daniel Verley. He crashed his drone into the stands at the U.S. Open tennis tournament and has already been charged with criminal recklessness. What are the possible defenses Daniel Verley can assert against the criminal …

A drone is flying over my property?!!

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Drone flying over or near your property may eventually become a very common occurrence. Depending on the flight, you may have options available to you. However, shooting at them is not one of those options. The drone operator has very specific rules and regulations to follow for a drone flight which may offer you some options to have the flight terminated over your property.

State UAV and Drone Laws

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States are enacting new UAS and drone laws at a rapid pace. Whether state laws are preempted by federal regulations which grant permission to fly will be one important issue.  Contact a drone lawyer today if you have questions about the drone laws in your state.

Our UAV Team Is Ready To Assist. We Are Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Attorneys Providing General Counsel Services. We have a team of UAV expert attorneys, experienced UAV pilots & Industry Professionals ready to get your drone operation off the ground. Our drone and UAS attorneys not only want to get you flying, we want to keep your UAV / drone operation safe. Contact Us Today: …