Using drones in documentary film making: DLP Interview with Keva Creative.

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Wondering how Keva Creative is using drones in documentary film making? In this episode of ‘From the Ground Up’ posted on Drone Life, drone attorney Enrico Schaefer interviews the founders of Keva Creative. Some highlights from this interview are set forth below:    KEVA Creative is a company that is specializing in documentary film making and adding drones to their service …

Photo / Film Section 333 Exemptions

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Almost half of the FAA exemption petitions being filed under Section 333 are for photography and film industry. As of July, 45.15% of all Section 333 Exemption Petitions were for photography and videography (film).  This does not include real estate drone use, which represents about 25% of the total exemptions applied for by companies looking to use drones for commercial …