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Navigating Online Commercial Drone Registration

In Commercial Drone Registration, Drone Law, Drone Law Blog, FAA Resources by Mallory Donick

With commercial drone registration now available online, it has become increasingly easier for individuals to register their drones.  However, ease of access does not always equal ease of usage.  This article is meant as a step-by-step breakdown of how to commercially register your drone online, including how to edit your Certificate of Registration and delete your drone’s registration entirely. Getting …

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How do I file a NOTAM before flying my drone for business?

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FAA Section 333 Exemption:  NOTAM Requirement Your FAA Section 333 Exemption “conditions and limitations” requires you to do any number of things to fly your drone legally.  One item is to conduct all drone flight operations under a COA (Certificate of Waiver or Authorization) which will then require you to file a NOTAM (Notice to Airman) no earlier than 24 hours, and …

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Did the FAA Just Make Drone Flights Tougher? FAA Issues Notice – N JO 7210.889

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NOTICE to Air Traffic Organizations (i.e. Control Towers and Airport Facility Operators): U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION N JO 7210.889 FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION. Air Traffic Organization Policy Effective Date: October 27, 2015 Cancellation Date: October 26, 2016 SUBJ: Unmanned Aircraft Operations in the National Airspace System (NAS). The FAA is working hard to educate everyone concerning safe at lawful use of drones in …

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Is the FAA Enforcing Drone Regulations Against Commercial Drone Operators?

In Drone Law Blog, FAA Resources, Section 333 Petitions by Enrico Schaefer

There is a lot of bad information out there about the FAA’s policy on enforcing drone regulations against commercial operators. “The FAA has never fined a drone operator operating commercially without a section 333.” Some people in the RC community regularly post on bulletin boards and other forums that “the FAA does not care about commercial drone use.” The quote we hear …

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UAS Section 333 Petition for Exemption Frequently Asked Questions

In Drone Law Blog, FAA Resources, Section 333 Petitions by Enrico Schaefer1 Comment

The FAA regulations concerning flying drones and UAVs for commercial use can be complicated. Section 333 Exemption Petition is essentially a request to the FAA to seek relief from certain requirements under the Federal Aviation Regulations. And once you get a Section 333 Exemption, you still need to comply with all other Federal Aviation Regulations for the drone flight. We have answers to some of the important questions regarding obtaining a Section 333 Petition for Exemption.

Commercial Drone Law Update: FAA Fastracks Commercial Drone Use

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FAA Commercial Drone Regulations: FAA drone laws and regulations continue to evolve at a fast rate.  The commercial use of drones by private companies is starting to take hold across a wide variety of markets from the film and movie industry, real estate, inspections, video and photography and agriculture. Can I fly a UAV or drone right now to make money?  You’re not …

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FAA Drone and UAV Resources

In Drone Law Blog, FAA Resources by Enrico Schaefer

The FAA provides a wealth of information about drones, UAS and model aircraft regulations and safety guidelines.  Depending on the type of operation, you can start with these resources and click though for more information: Operations Public Operations (Governmental) Civil Operations (Non-Governmental) Model Aircraft (Hobby or Recreation only) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Frequently Asked Questions: What is an unmanned aircraft system …