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How Does Part 107 Affect My Section 333 Exemption?

In FAA Part 107, Section 333 Petitions by Enrico Schaefer

The FAA announced today that it has finalized Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, governing sUAS / UAV Operations.  Learn how Part 107 affects your Section 333 exemption, whether your exemption has been granted by the FAA or is still pending.  If you are not currently a client of ours, you can purchase attorney time to answer your Part 107 questions here. Watch this video to …

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Get Your FAA Compliant 500 Foot UAV Operations Manual

In Section 333 Petitions by Enrico Schaefer

The FAA is requiring operators to have a special operations manual if you want to fly within 500 feet a of people, Including people who are part of the purpose of the flight operation. While it is possible that the FAA 500 foot rule for drones and UAV – and FAA requirement for a special operators manual – will go …

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Use of Drones By Students, Educational Institutions & Community Events

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Federal Aviation Administration Memorandum Date: May 4, 2016 To: Earl Lawrence, Director, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Office, AUS-1 John Duncan, Director, Flight Standards Serv-,i, ce, AFS-1 From: Prepared by: Subject: Reginald C. Govan, Chief Counsel, AGC-1 Dean E. Griffith, Attorney, AGC-220 Educational Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) This interpretation addresses: (1) use of unmanned aircraft for hobby or recreational …

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FAA Section 333 Update: Delays, Part 107 and Micro-Drone Proposal.

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Section 333 petitioners always wonder how it could take so long for the FAA to approve Section 333 exemptions. How long does it take to obtain a FAA Section 333 Exemption? The FAA does not make any commitments on processing time. They have taken as little as two months and over 6 months during various phases of 333 review. Here …

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FAA Rules Say You Can’t Fly Your Drone Within 500 Feet of People or Property.

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Just because you obtained permission from the FAA to fly your drone under a section 333 exemption does not mean you can do whatever you want with your drone.  There are any number of FAA rules and regulations that you must follow if you want to fly your drone lawfully.  Watch to the video below to learn more about this important …

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How do I file a NOTAM before flying my drone for business?

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FAA Section 333 Exemption:  NOTAM Requirement Your FAA Section 333 Exemption “conditions and limitations” requires you to do any number of things to fly your drone legally.  One item is to conduct all drone flight operations under a COA (Certificate of Waiver or Authorization) which will then require you to file a NOTAM (Notice to Airman) no earlier than 24 hours, and …

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What does a FAA Section 333 Exemption cost?

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There are many questions surrounding the FAA’s drone regulations, and specifically Section 333 exemptions.  This website seeks to answer those questions, and help people and companies interested in commercial drones with the information they need to make decisions.  Perhaps the biggest question we hear though is “How much does it cost for a Section 333 exemption from the FAA?”  We have several …