Field Preemption: FAA Regulations Trump State & Local Drone Laws

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Can states and local authorities regulate drones?   In this episode of Drone Law Radio, Sarah Nillson and Enrico Schaefer discuss the FAA Fact Sheet on federal preemption, state and local drone laws, private property rights above the ground and other hot topics. The December 17, 2015 FAA Fact Sheet seeks to educate state and local lawmakers on the ‘field preemption’ …

DJI’s Brendan Schulman talks about fighting back state and municipal drone laws.

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States and municipalities are passing restrictive drone laws at a record pace.  The FAA argues that these local laws are preempted by the FAA’s exclusive regulatory authority over the national airspace.  A December 17, 2015 FACTSHEET issued by the FAA to state and municipal authorities essentially told states and municipalities to ‘back off.’ In this interview, drone attorney and DJI policy wonk …