DLP’s Version 2.0 of Industry Standard sUAS Service Agreement

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DroneLaw.pro has upgraded its sUAS Service Agreement.  This Version 2.0 of our industry leading sUAS Service Agreement is an interactive PDF which is self-formatting and brand-able. Our newest version has a data sheet that obtains the essential information required for the UAV operations to be performed, check boxes for those specific terms and operations to be provided to your customer, which is then generated into a new PDF that is fully formatted with only the contract language selected. It also allows for a logo to be added prior to the final branded contract.

Watch to video below to see what an industry standard sUAS Customer Service Agreement form looks like.

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My name is drone attorney, Enrico Schaefer, and I am an attorney with traverselegal.com.  We are an intellectual property and business law firm dedicated to the sUAS community.  We already represent hundreds of drone pilots and operators, just like you.  Today we have a really special announcement to make, it is about our sUAS Service Agreement.  You can find out more about this agreement, which is for sale, www.dronelaw.pro/box. 

This is what we are going to be doing today, we are going to be introducing version 2.0 of the sUAS Service Agreement, the customer contract, which drone pilots like you use to sign up customers for services.

First, what you need to understand is your Customer Contracts says a lot about your drone company and about your drone services.  Working with professional grade Customer Contracts and other legal documents is essential to your success.  Why?  Because it differentiates you from the fly by night operators that bring discounted and cutthroat below market rates, who may not be complying with the rules, who may not even hope to present as professional.  They bought the drone and are willing to do things on the cheap.  This market is going to develop into two categories of service providers: “The Professional” – those service providers that are going to be around for a long time, who are going to get market rates for their services.  Then “The Fly-By-Night” – those service providers who bought a drone, may be in and out of the market, they are not presenting as professional and they are probably not following the Federal Regulations by the FAA for commercial drone operators.

So, these customer contracts that we developed that are being sold on dronelaw.pro/box are high value, low cost contracts your business needs to succeed.  One of those contract offerings is the sUAS Service Agreement.

What is this new offering, what is this new version 2.0 of the sUAS Service Agreement that we are making available today?

It is an interactive PDF, which means you fill in the blanks and it self populates the data across the document.  We have been selling the interactive PDF version for about nine months now, and we have sold hundreds of them.  We believe this contract is becoming the industry standard for contracts in the sUAS commercial space.  This new version, 2.0, does more.  It is self-formatting, which means when you enter the information in the spaces it adjusts the lengths of the lines and it brings the text together, so it appears as it has been custom developed just for you.

It is the type of PDF document which you probably have not seen before, where you do not just fill in all these blanks, but you select these options: Which contract provisions do you want for this customer?  What services are you performing for this customer?  What is the billing model you are using for this customer?  You check the boxes that apply to this customer, you hit the prepare button, and it creates a brand new PDF which includes all the data you entered and only adds those contract provisions you selected to the contact.  So, it creates a custom contract, branded with your logo, with only those provisions you selected.   

This entire package which includes the interactive PDF and training video, so you understand how to use the contract with your customers from a marketing point of view, what the legal provisions in the document mean to your business, the essential business elements of your customer contract.

So, let’s get to it.  I want to introduce the contract to you so you can see how it works, and if at the end of the video you wish to have more information, give us a call, send us an email, or if you want to purchase you can do that directly online.

Let’s get to it.

So here we go, this is the sUAS Service Agreement, and you are going to see this is an interactive PDF.  What that means is unlike a normal pdf where you might be able to just fill in some blanks in line, in the document, like our old version, version 1.0.  Version 2.0 has got a data input page.  What this is going allow you to do is to complete the applicable fields, select the contract provisions you want included in a particular customer contract, and then you are going to be able to hit a button, towards the end here.  It is going to create a custom contract for that particular customer, based on your selections and data input.

So, you can essentially see here on the data input pages, you are going to put the information such as the date, the month, the year, the company’s full name, company abbreviation, address including city and state and your customer information.  You are going to specify flight locations, identify which services you are going to be performing for the customers, and you are going to indicate the rate approach.  Are you going to charge fee for the services?  You are going to identify the deliverables, i.e. how many photographs and/or how much video.  You are going to provide information on payment terms and FAA Compliance which is very important information that is going to protect you if there is a dispute concerning government law, venue or jurisdiction.

Then, the second part of the agreement, for those of you who have been working with us for some time know, that data, photographs and videos are copyright protected.  And so, you are licensing the data photo and/or video to the customer.  So, you need a licensing agreement, which is going to identify the scope of use or the way videos or photographs can be used.  You can slice and dice that information anyway you want, depending on how much the customer is paying.  You are going to identify the license terms and then it is going to be prepped for the customer and you are going to end up with a custom contract.

Right now, it’s got all the blanks left blank, so it doesn’t have date, customer name, your company name, your company logo yet and it has all the contract terms.  Once you select the contract terms that you want, remove some contract terms, add some contract terms, it will renumber the document for you.  It will format the document for you, so all the spacing is correct and then it is going to spit out a custom contract for you for that single customer.  As you can see, the contract is going to make you look really good to the customer, like you are a professional service provider that is doing it right.

Our motto is all the documents you need to succeed and the sUAS Service Agreement is one of those documents that is going to help you with your customer and help insulate yourself from fly-by-night competition that may not have any sort of written agreement that they are providing to the customer.

You will see that a lot of the contract provisions in here are designed to make the customer feel safe.  Customers are going to be worried by whether or not the flight is legal, they are protected, and this contract is designed to be very customer friendly. 

All right, let’s get to it.  We are going to take a little bit of break here, I’m going to fill in a little information and I’m going to show you what the contract looks like once you produce it.  

So here is where the data input page is, all filled out with the information we provided to this particular customer. We made up the name, Boston Construction Co., and provided the abbreviation of “BCC”.  We’ve added all the information you need in order to generate a custom contract, “construction site and the intersection of Peachtree and Bellmount”, where this flight is going to incur.  You identify all the different things that are going to be provided, you have identified the rate structure, you’ve given a service fee estimate and keep in mind that there are two sets of information you are going to need for fees, “services provided” and “license provided”.  In the bottom section you have provided service dates, payment terms, governing law, and then you have filled out the copyright portion, data photos and videos.  What is the license that is being provided?  An exclusive license that is assignable to the customer?  They are paying a lot of money for this flight operation and they are getting a lot of rights.  They are going to be able to do all the things they need to do with the works that is part of the license.  And if you get into the training videos of the sUAS Service Agreement, which are provided as part of the purchase it will walk you through copyright law and how to understand some of these terms so that you know how to upsell and down sell these documents.

So, once you get all this information filled out for a particular customer, you are going to prep the document for the customer.  One thing I want to add here is that you can add more terms to the agreement, these are highly customizable, you can add anything, in addition to what you need, by adding other terms or adding new terms.

Okay, we are going to prepare this for the customer.  It is going to tell you that you are about to prepare it.  The data input page can be reopened if necessary to restore the editing capabilities.  You are going to click on the sUAS Service Agreement title of the document and it will give you this data input page back up.

All right, so we are going to produce it.  Now, look at this, sUAS Service Agreement which has got all the information filled in.  My company name, the customer company name, the dates of services, it has only included those items which I have specifically requested in the contract.  It has all the service fee information, everything you need in order to succeed, all the way down through the copyright license.  It is ready to be produced as a document, we can print this, save this as a PDF and provide it digitally, to the customer in order to get it signed.  You’ll see that there is not only signature places but places for everyone to initial that can either be digital or on paper. 

So, let’s go up and add our logo to this document.  All right, I want to add this logo so I need to get back to my input page.  Your versions will have separate passwords, so that you can manage your data input and preclude customers from actually accessing any of this, so that the version you provide to the customer will be locked down.  So, as you can see I am going to come down to my logo indicator here.  I am going to insert my Sky Services logo.  There is my custom branding and now I am going to go up and prep for customer.  Yes.  Prep it and there is my customer agreement with my logo at the top.

So, you can see that this is a very flexible document that is going to provide you a lot of leverage in the market, it is going to act as a market barrier, and it is going to present you as a professional drone service provider.  We can customize these if you need them to be customized, but there is literally hundreds or thousands of different in this single PDF version. 

I can send these by email for digital signatures or otherwise.  The first thing I want to do is “Save as”, as I created a new version for this particular customer, and in the dialogue box I am going to say this is for our Boston customer.  I am going to save that out, then of course, I go to my documents and we will find it in here, and I am going to pull that up as a PDF.  It’s already up, it is saved as “Boston” and now, of course, I can print this document or send this document in email.  I can send and track it for whatever purpose I might want.

For signatures, if I want to put it into a print version, I am simply going to print it here and it is going to print for me, and I will be all set with a paper version.

So that is our sUAS Service Agreement document in PDF format.  It is customizable, scalable, format-able at most levels that most people have never experienced.  It is going to provide a great tool in your tool box to present as a professional service provider in the drone space.  To protect you and your business from liability.  To protect the customer and make them feel safe, in regards to the services you are performing.  Again, if you want to purchase these documents, you can go to www.dronelaw.pro/box, click on the sUAS Service Agreement Package, and for $350.00, you can get the agreement and training videos that will instruct you on the law.  You need to understand copyright law in order to be able to manage your business.  You will be dealing in copyrights.  We will also teach you how to use the form, how to scale the form, how to use the form for marketing purposes and how to use the form as a marketing barrier for your customers. 

Until next time, I am drone attorney Enrico Schaefer, fly safe.