Do I need permission from the FAA to fly my drone for business?

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Do I need permission from the FAA to fly my drone?

Drone attorney Enrico Schaefer was interviewed on That Drone Show about Section 333 petitions for exemptions from the FAA, as well as trends in drone law. Here are some highlights:

1.  Section 333 Exemption Process: Do it yourself versus hire professional?

2.  Do I need a pilots license to apply for an FAA drone exemption?

3.  What kinds of legal representation are you providing for drone technology start-ups and established drone companies? 

4.  What will be the hot issues in drone law over next 12-24 months.

The process for obtaining a 333, and understanding what the FAA expects in the 333 petition, is starting to take shape.  Clients have A LOT of questions.  Yes, you can prepare and file a section 333 petition yourself.  But we know what we are doing and can not only get your FAA petition filed, but make sure you understand the FAA regulations, the exemption process and answer your legal questions along the way. If you do it yourself, without experience, you are likely to take much longer to get through the process. And you won’t get the valuable legal advice you need along the way.  Enjoy the show and let us know if you have any questions.



Want our help getting your 333 though the FAA exemption process?  CONTACT A DRONE ATTORNEY TODAY.

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