Media & News Inquiries for Drone & UAS Issues

Our drone lawyers and UAS industry experts are regularly interviewed on media outlets and news sources.  If you have a drone, UAS, UAV, FAA, Waiver request, Airspace Authorization request, Section 333 or other drone law issue your media outlet wants to cover, feel free to contact us today.  Chances are, we can help your media outlet better understand commercial drone use, a particular FAA regulation, Waiver and Airspace Authorization requests or denials, the section 333 petition for exemption process, state drone law or other drone related legal issue. Our drone and UAV team includes a dedicated drone attorney, industry professionals with years of UAV pilot and drone safety experience, and college drone & UAS instructors at one of the top UAS programs in the United States, Northwestern Michigan College.

If you are under deadline, fee free to call us directly at (866) 936-7447. Otherwise, send us an email using the form below.

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