Drone Use in the Film and Movie Industry

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Film Section 333 Exemptions

Hollywood and Section 333 Petitions

Drone use by Hollywood is a natural. Filmmakers and photographers have been using aircraft and helicopters, as well as sophisticated on the ground equipment, to capture video for decades. UAVs offer a lower cost alternative. In fact, the number of Section 333 Petitions for exemption filed by Hollywood interest eclipse all other segments at this early stage of the FAA exemption process. Over 40% of the exemption petitions being filed involve film and videography UAV use.

Adopting UAV Safety Policies and Procedures is Key

Filmmakers are use to closing down streets, controlling areas and securing spectators from harm. Ultimately, the filmmaker and Hollywood model of movie making with drones will need to be adopted by other UAV commercial markets, many of which simply want to get there drones in the air. In order for the drone industry to flourish, safety has to be a priority for all commercial drone use. Until all industry segments adopt UAV safety policies and procedures, which strictly adhere to the FAA Section 333 Exemption language, the industry as a whole will remain in jeopardy. The public will not accept drone use unless it is safe drone use.

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  1. Enrico Schaefer

    Hollywood drone use leads the pack. More Section 333 applications have been filed by movie interests than any other sector. And Hollywood knows how to control a set, and make sure the drone does NOT fly over anyone who is not part of the flight. FAA drone regulations don’t allow you to fly over people or crowds who aren’t part of your drone operation. As tempting as it is, stay clear of people and crowds.

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