FAA Drone Regulations Will Continue to Evolve.

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Our team at dronelaw.pro is returning from the largest commercial drone event in North America, www.InterDrone.com. Here is some information from the the show, which you might find interesting:

1. The FAA has stepped up enforcement against commercial operators without a Section 333. This means your 333 will be more valuable, and there will be higher market barriers against unlawful competition.

2. Section 333 owners operating in certain areas/cities are aggressively reporting operators without a 333, as expected.

3. There are increasing reports of Section 333 owners suing commercial operators who don’t have a Section 333. So this is a risk item, distinct from the FAA.

4. The FAA will slowly increase uses to include nighttime operation, beyond line of sight operations and operation over crowds. But you will need to show safe operation under a standard 333 exemption in order to later amend.

The key is that the FAA will always have a Section 333 process, as well  as civil COAs.  You can always seek permission to fly beyond the regulations. As long as you can show safe flight with  your operations manual, you have  a good chance and convincing theFAA, over time, to let you fly.

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