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No, Section 333 is not dead. While there have been changes to the FAA rules lately,  Drone Law continues to handle exemptions for UAV companies building drones over 55 lbs. Drones over 55 lbs are becoming more and more common as niche operations and solutions are requiring larger drones to enhance their workflow, or make their jobs easier.

It is important to note that the drone’s carrying capacity is irrelevant with regard to take-off weight.

For example, there are a number of people, such as farmers, that are using UAV’s over 55 lbs. limit to spray crops more efficiently and effectively. If the drone was to weigh 40 Lbs. excluding cargo, then it would most likely not need FAA 333. But if it’s Takeoff weight was over the 55lbs. limit, then it would require an FAA 333.

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