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Hire a UAV Attorney to Fly Under FAA Part 107 Regulations.

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Our Drone attorneys get asked this question all the time. “Why should we hire your law firm to represent us on FAA part 107 Compliance issues?”

Hire a FAA Part 107 Team of UAV Attorneys & Industry Professionals

The answer is simple. We are ‘real’ drone attorneys representing real clients across a wide range of UAS, UAV and drone law issues. Unlike Part 107 consultants or industry groups, our drone attorneys and industry professionals will provide you the legal advice you are going to need in order to launch a successful commercial drone operation. After speaking with hundreds of commercial drone operators, our team of UAV experts know that your focus will quickly shift from flying under Part 107, to understanding ‘how to comply’ with Part 107,  and how to obtain Part 107 Waivers and airspace authorizations. The primary value that our drone lawyers provide to our section 333 clients is legal advice.

Why Hire a Drone Attorney for your FAA Part 107 Drone Operation?

The UAV attorneys and drone professionals at DroneLawPro offer the best FAA Part 107 drone solution – period. We have provided legal advice to over 400 drone operators as well as companies as large as Sprint,  Northwestern Michigan Colleges’ UAS program and many others. You want to work with affordable, comprehensive and practical drone lawyers.

Consultants and industry groups are legally barred from providing you the legal advice you’re going to need to operate successfully under Part 107. Only a UAV attorney can provide you the legal advice you need to conduct flight operations within federal aviation regulations.  After speaking with hundreds of operators who want to fly legally within FAA regulations, we can tell you this; the number one reason to choose DroneLawPro is that we are UAV lawyers. We also have some of the top UAS pilots and UAV instructors on staff to assist you launch a successful commercial drone program.

Learn more by contacting us today. We are happy to answer all of your questions before deciding whether to hire our team of UAS attorneys and industry professionals to get you flying safe.

Welcome to the world of DroneLawPro where we represent clients like you on matters just like yours.

Fly safe, compliant and obtain the advantage over competitors.

While the FAA regulation of drones seems like overkill to many, the regulations seek to ensure safe flight and protect the National Airspace (NAS).  Most of our Section 333 and Part 107 clients agree that the sUAS regulations are necessary, even if we don’t all agree on each aspect of each regulation.   As importantly, there are too many drone pilots operating illegally for clear commercial purposes, or trying to pretend their use is recreational when it is not. Customers are starting to realize that not all commercial drone services are equal.  Becoming compliant with the Part 107 rules and regulations allow you to market your services as a professional and within the FAA regulations.

UAV Contracts and Documents for your Professional Drone Operations.

We have all the essential Part 107 documents and training videos “you need to succeed”.  Professional drone companies need professional UAV contracts.  Learn more about our high value, low cost UAV contracts, documents and training videos for professional drone companies here: UAV Contracts & Documents



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