You take great drone photographs and drone video.  But are you copyright protecting your drone footage, and correctly licensing that work to customers and other users? And can you use someone else’s drone video without permission, attribution or compensation?

Check out the video on using copyright protected works and this FAQ about copyright law for drone photographers and videographers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Drones & Copyright Law:

20125619_mAre drone photographs and video protected by US Copyright Law?  Yes.  Automatically, although registering your copyrights with the US Copyright office is advisable if your works are valuable. 

  • Who owns the copyright to drone photographs & video footage?
  • What if I am flying the aircraft, but someone else is controlling the camera?
  • How do I control the copyrights of drone footage taken by my pilot or independent contractor?
  • If I own the copyright, how do I protect my work?
  • What are the penalties for copyright infringement if someone should use my drone video without permission?