How to Pick a Name for Your Drone Service Company

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Your Drone Company Name is Important

This is Enrico Schaefer, I’m a Drone Lawyer with the law firm Traverse Legal. Our law firm (offices in Detroit, MI, Austin, TX, Traverse City, MI and Los Angeles, CA)  specializes in tech company representation, intellectual property and trademark law. We have helped thousands of clients protect their brands and trademarks, and manage over 800 trademarks globally for start-ups and fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Today we are going to be talking about the importance of trademark and trademark registration for your Drone service business. Your drone company name can be valuable, and will become a identifier of your reputation.  For Part 107 pilots, reputation will become a primary differentiator in the market.  Drone service providers with good reputations and strong brands will rise to the top.



Descriptive Drone Company Names:

Here is the problem. Virtually everyone who is trying to come up with a business name defaults to wanting to make it descriptive – to pick a name that describes what they are doing. A company name like “Traverse City Drone Services” is going to tell consumers that I am offering Drone services in Traverse City, but it is not a particularly good brand. And it doesn’t differentiate me from my competitors who may describe their services as ‘drone services in Traverse City.”  A descriptive name for your drone company may not qualify for trademark registration, because it is too descriptive. Zappo’s – Microsoft – Google, these are all arbitrary words that became the brand that everyone understands and relates to the company, becomes a symbol for reputation and the name clearly identifies and differentiates the company from the competition. i.e. Detroit Drone Company (fictional reference) is purely descriptive). Rare Air Drone Co located in Detroit MI is suggestive or arbitrary.

A Unique Drone Company Name is Better:

As tempting as it is to be descriptive, I would encourage all Drone service providers to try and come up with a name that is suggestive or arbitrary and that’s really unique. Something that you make meaningful and special. Something that becomes recognizable as quality Drone services. You will have the strongest trademark protection. You will have the fewest number of people who have similar names to yours causing customer confusion. You will have the strongest brand and IP value. Which means, if you go to sell the company that trademark is an asset and it will be worth money. It will be worth a lot more money if it’s a really good, strong company name that can only mean you.

Register Your Drone Company Name as a Trademark with the USPTO

Once you pick your company name, you’re going to want to register that company name as a trademark with United States patent trademark office. Trademark registration will divide intellectual property value to your company, and put you in a strong position to protect to your name from competitors who might want to pick something similar. To learn more about trademark registration and protection, visitor primary website or click on the links below for more resources.

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One of our IP and drone attorneys in Detroit, MI, Austin, TX or Los Angeles CA can help you navigate business success.  My name is Drone Attorney and Trademark Attorney Enrico Schaefer. We will see you next time.