Starting a Drone Business: From FAA Regulations to “How To Fly” With

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Starting a Drone Business

You want to start a drone business.  But where to begin?  If you are new to sUAS (small unmanned aerial systems), you may find it hard to get the information you need to understand how to start a drone business, and how to become a good drone pilot.  Alan Perlman as just launched an online course for the following people:

Learn to fly a drone

  • Your drone pilot skills are very basic (or non-existent).
  • You want a good overview of safety / legal considerations. A third of this class is devoted specifically to safety, rules/regulations, what can go wrong during flight, and general UAV best practices. It can’t be communicated enough 🙂
  • You want to make money as a pro drone pilot. If you’re serious about taking advantage of the growing UAV industry, this is a great primer course. You’ll develop a foundational knowledge of what to buy, where the opportunities are and how to fly.

Check out our interview of Alan and learn more about his pilot training and commercial drone business tutorials,  below.  And get a discount on your ‘learn to fly‘ on-line drone training course by entering the referral link ‘dronelawpro‘ at check out.

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