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Our “Comprehensive Section 333 Exemption Project” Package


Here is what our UAV team will do for you under the Comprehensive Section 333 Exemption Project:

(1) Obtain background information from you regarding your proposed 333 business model and operations.

(2) Complete a FAA Section 333 Exemption Petition for your review and approval.

(3) Complete all attachments and annexes of mandatory items on your 333 Petition.

(4) Prepare operations, maintenance and airworthiness directives which will satisfy the FAA.

(5) Answer questions and provide legal advice to you about the Section 333 process.

(6) Submit your approved Section 333 Petition to the FAA, on your behalf.

(7) Respond to all FAA inquires, clarifications and questions about the 333 exemption submitted on your behalf.

(8) Provide materials which will help you understand how to use and lawfully comply with your 333 exemption.

(9) In addition to answering your petition questions along the way, we will provide you an one hour consultation with a drone attorney about your exemption, FAA regulations or anything else important to you as your launch your drone business.

[* This bid only includes standard Section 333 uses for photography, videography and data collection. Closed-set motion picture and television filming, search and rescue and requests outside the already approved uses are more involved, take longer to get approved and are priced differently. Let us know if you are doing anything special.]

You will need to register your UAV (aircraft) before you fly under your exemption. We will provide assistance in getting two drones registered commercially thru the FAA’s online registration system.

We only guarantee that our forms are acceptable to the FAA, not a change in regulations by the FAA. A change in regulations is your business risk.

“I had spoken to other vendors but they were no where near as knowledgeable or natural when answering my many questions…. Enrico is a UAV enthusiast himself which really shows in the quality of service he and his staff provide.”

— Michael L. Lee Aerial
Photography & Solutions, LLC
Sneeds Ferry, NC

“Enrico really knows his stuff! Enrico answers back on email quickly and personally. I would recommend you to anyone!”

— Steve N.
Northern Michigan Drone, LLC
Traverse City, MI

About Us

Our team of drone UAS attorneys and industry specialists work at the law firm Traverse Legal, PLC and can help you obtain a Section 333 Exemption, comply with a FAA regulation of concern or grow your UAV company. Our services include: FAA compliance; Exemption requests under Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (FMRA); Certificates of Waiver or Authorization (COA) Processing; Operations; Procedure and Safety Manual Drafting; UAS education and training curriculum; Company / LLC formation; Trademark Registrations; Patent Prospection and Protection; Copyright and Software Licensing.