Photo / Film Section 333 Exemptions

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Film Section 333 Exemptions

Almost half of the FAA exemption petitions being filed under Section 333 are for photography and film industry.

As of July, 45.15% of all Section 333 Exemption Petitions were for photography and videography (film).  This does not include real estate drone use, which represents about 25% of the total exemptions applied for by companies looking to use drones for commercial purposes. The film industry includes the typical Hollywood types, but also advertising agencies and others looking to make commercials. These industries are used to complying with safety requirements.   Developing manuals and checklists to ensure safe drone flight is important.  But it is perhaps most important in the film and photography sector where there are often numerous people unassociated with the flight on the set. This can include actors, actresses, grips and production personnel.

Are you looking to secure a Section 333 exemption so you can make movies, commercials, documentaries are other advertisements?

Our drone law attorneys can help you get in the game by helping you secure a Section 333 exemption, and develop policies and procedures to ensure compliance and safety.  Contact one of our drone professionals today for more information.

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