How to Integrate Drones Into Your Enterprise: Part 107 Operations Manual (Segment Two)

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This is Drone Attorney Enrico Schaefer and today we are going to continue our series about How to Integrate Drones Into Your Company or Enterprise.  You might recall in the last episode we took a broad look at How to Integrate Drones in Your Enterprise.

If you are large company, a company that has established services, and you are looking to add Drones as an additional service or you’re a company who is looking to really utilize Drones for your internal operations, marketing videos, training videos, or your own purpose of inspection at your property or facility. Under either one of these scenarios you are going to need a very solid customized Operations Manual.
Part 107, companywide, Drone sUAS Operations Manual. This is important, because it offers a foundation by which all Drone flights and operations will occur either within your organization or for customers as a result of them hiring you to provide Drone services.

The manual can also cover all Third-Party Drone operations on your property. With the operations manual is going to determine, how, where, when, Drone operations can occur. It is all the checklist items that you are going to make sure occur before a Drone takes off on behalf or under the umbrella of your enterprise, company, or organization.
So, you want to look at it like this – Employees have Employee Manuals that sometimes govern the relationship of the employer and the employee. A Drone Service Manual or Drones Operation Manual is going to be even more important. Why? How many of those employees really consult that Employee Manual every day, week or month? Or can even recall what’s in the Employee Manual.

A sUAS Operations Manual, under Part 107 Regulations, is going to be used as a part of every single Drone operation. It is going to spell out what permissions need to be obtained before a Drone can take the air. What type of record keeping is going to be required for your Drone Operations? Who are those records going to be kept by and reported to? If there is an accident or some sort of safety incident that occurs as result of UAV Operations, then how are those records going to be kept and who will that be recorded to beyond the FAA?

These are all of the different types of things that you are going to want to customize for your organization. You are going to have a fleet of Drones. You will determine how record keeping occurs for those Drones and what kinds of information are mandatory to be kept as part of the record keeping?

So, if you are an enterprise, a company, or an organization looking to integrate Drones into your service offerings or for your internal purposes, make sure you hire Drone Attorney or consultant who can help you draft an Operations Manual.

Step One and is mission critical and should be part of developing your internal process. I am Drone Attorney Enrico Schaefer and we will see you next time.


  • Operations Manual and Associated Templates– These templates are intended for students who attend our drone ground school course but they are freely available to anyone. These are templates intended to be tailored to your operation, depending on your operation you might combine, condense or extend these.
  • UAS Operations Manual Template (UAS / Drone Operations Manual Template –