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DLP’s Version 2.0 of Industry Standard sUAS Service Agreement

In Drone & UAV Contracts, Drone Litigation Cases, UAV Resources by Drone Law Pro Team has upgraded its sUAS Service Agreement.  This Version 2.0 of our industry leading sUAS Service Agreement is an interactive PDF which is self-formatting and brand-able. Our newest version has a data sheet that obtains the essential information required for the UAV operations to be performed, check boxes for those specific terms and operations to be provided to your customer, …

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How to Pick a Name for Your Drone Service Company

In Drone Law Blog by Drone Law Pro Team

Your Drone Company Name is Important This is Enrico Schaefer, I’m a Drone Lawyer with the law firm Traverse Legal. Our law firm specializes in tech company representation, intellectual property and trademark law. We have helped thousands of clients protect their brands and trademarks, and manage over 800 trademarks globally for start-ups and fortune 500 companies worldwide. Today we are …

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How to Integrate Drones Into Your Enterprise: Part 107 Operations Manual (Segment Two)

In Manuals & Documents by Drone Law Pro Team

This is Drone Attorney Enrico Schaefer and today we are going to continue our series about How to Integrate Drones Into Your Company or Enterprise.  You might recall in the last episode we took a broad look at How to Integrate Drones in Your Enterprise. If you are large company, a company that has established services, and you are looking …

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Understanding Copyright Licensing Is Mission Critical For Drone Operators

In Copyright Licensing For Drone Pilots by Drone Law Pro Team

Drone Pilots’ Biggest Failure. Do you want to know what the biggest failure of most drone service providers is?  Its their failure to understand the basics of their business model. Like a surgeon that doesn’t know anything about scalpels or surgery, they go about their drone business blind to the basic of their craft. Even consultants and so-called experts don’t …

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How to Integrate Drones into Your Enterprise Or Company

In Enterprise Integration of Drones by Drone Law Pro Team

Drone Law Pro attorneys at Traverse Legal represent a number of large companies looking to use drones for their enterprise, or as an add-one service for their customers. In this PodCast, Enrico Schaefer discusses the key points your company needs to consider when integrating drones into your enterprise. [listen below] Integrating Drones into Your Enterprise Or Company: This is Enrico …

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The Importance of Industry Standards for UAV Operations

In Industry Standards for sUAS by Drone Law Pro Team

There are drone pilots who complaint about part 107.  And there are drone service providers who embrace the part 107 regulations. Beyond part 107, there are groups working on industry standards that are more exacting than what is required by Part 107. Embracing industry standards for sUAS operations beyond part 107 is important.  Creating professionalism in the industry will help …

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YouTube Video – UAV Service Agreement Review with Alan Perlman & Enrico Schaefer

In Drone & UAV Contracts by Drone Law Pro Team

YOUTUBE VIDEO: UAV FLIGHT CONTRACT SERVICE AGREEMENT FOR DRONE PILOTS AND THEIR CLIENTS with Alan Perlman of UAV Coach and Drone Pilot Ground School & Enrico Schaefer, Esq. of Traverse Legal, PLC and the DroneLaw.Pro team   Alan:   Hey everybody, this is Alan at UAV Coach and Drone Pilot School and I am very excited today to be talking with …

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What is the “Drone Innovation Act?”

In Drone Law by Brooke Corso

As of June 16, 2017 a new act has been proposed to congress to regulate unmanned aircraft. The Drone Innovation Act, introduced by Jason Lewis (R-MN), aims to define legal operation of UAVs flown in local municipalities. Under this act, the Secretary of Transportation will have authority, in compliance with state, local, and tribal jurisdictions, over UAVs flying at or …

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FAA and Model Aircraft – 2012 vs 2015 FAA Rules

In Drone Litigation Cases by Drone Law Pro Team

Taylor v FAA Court of Appeals District Court Case (15-1495) was recently decided on May 19, 2017. The Petitioner (John A. Taylor) filed his Petition challenging the FAA’s 2015 Registration Rule. In 2012, the FAA Modernization and Reform Act was created, passed and implemented. This Act provided that the FAA “may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model …