Drone Forensics and AI: David Kovar from URSA

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 Enrico Schaefer: Welcome to Drone Law Pro Radio. Today we’re here with David Kovar. David is the founder of Kovar and Associates back in the day and now URSA, which is Unmanned and Robotic Systems Analysis. He is a really interesting guest because there’s a lot of activity and a lot of discussion around pilots and federal regulations, Part …

How to get your FAA Part 135 Certification: Drone Delivery and more…

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The FAA continues to allow more types of UAV operations, including some recent Part 135 certification for drone delivery.  In this DLP radio interview, we speak with Guido Fuentes, VP facilitation and training for PRISM Solution, which is Professional Resources in System. PRISM is one of the few company to receive Part 135 certification on behalf of its client.   Mr. Fuentes is …

Police handcuff, detain and ticket Part 107 Pilot under aircraft ordinance that does not apply

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[Detroit, MI]  In this episode of Drone Law Pro radio, autonomous attorney Enrico Schaefer interviews firefighter Jason Harrison about his encounter with police in Genessee County, MI. Follow the Drone Law Pro podcast here. Listen to show below. See video of the arrest below. See the video that he police accidentally captured of themselves by hitting ‘record’ on the drone.  …

TL Launches Detroit Office to Service The Autonomous Industry Industry

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In this M2 TechCast interview, autonomous attorney Enrico Schaefer talks about the legal issues facing autonomous industry, from start-ups to established autonomous companies, from seed funding to venture capital, from trademark protection to licensing, Traverse Legal has the expertise to add value to your business. Contact one of our lawyers today if you are an autonomous company looking for legal …

Using drones in documentary film making: DLP Interview with Keva Creative.

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Wondering how Keva Creative is using drones in documentary film making? In this episode of ‘From the Ground Up’ posted on Drone Life, drone attorney Enrico Schaefer interviews the founders of Keva Creative. Some highlights from this interview are set forth below:    KEVA Creative is a company that is specializing in documentary film making and adding drones to their service …

What does it take to be a successful Part 107 Pilot? DLP Radio Interview of Ron Angle.

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What does it take to be a successful Part 107 Pilot? If you are looking to build your drone service business, you need to understand what the playing field looks like today, as well as where the drone service market is headed in the future.  The best way to understand what it takes to make it in this industry is to …

UAV Operations Manual – Differentiate Yourself from Other Drone Service Companies and Pilots

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Do you have a Part 107 Compliant sUAS Operations Manual? Learn more about Part 107 manuals by listening to this podcast or reading the trascript below.  Also, find resources for Drone Operation manual forms, templates and examples below.  Welcome to this edition of Drone Law Pro Radio.  Your source of information for everything UAV.  We are drone attorneys and …

Federal Aviation Administration – Drone / UAS Resources

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With the increased interest and requests for the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for both commercial and private use, the FAA offers various resources of information regarding drones on their website. Understanding how, when and where you can fly a drone can seem complicated. Our team of drone law and UAV industry experts can help you navigate Section 333, …

Cheaper On Demand Insurance for Safe Pilots: SkyWatch Interview

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In this Drone Law Pro Radio interview with Tomer Kashi, the founder and CEO of SkyWatch Insurance Services, Inc. we explore the state of the art in on-demand drone insurance. Better Technology, Better Coverage. More flexible Drone Insurance Options. As the drone insurance market continues to evolve, better option are becoming available to Part 107 drone pilots and service providers.  Higher …

The Relationship Between Quality Drone Services & Price

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[Detroit, MI] In this episode of Drone Law Pro Radio, drone attorney Enrico Schaefer Interviews CEO and founder of UAVCoach and Drone Pilot Ground School Alan Perlman about the current status of the UAV services market, and where it is going next. Quality can be more important than price. Flight training (general, industry specific and niche expertise) and software training (software …