UAV Contracts for your Professional Drone Business and Services

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Our team of UAS drone attorneys and industry specialist at the law firm of Traverse Legal, PLC provide essential UAV contracts and documents that are necessary for your professional drone business. We offer several contracts, agreements, manuals and intellectual property projection for both pilots and drone businesses.

Consider our “OPs In A Box” – This legal document package includes several key contracts, agreements and manuals that every professional drone operator should have, along with necessary training videos and future upgraded versions over the next 12 months from the date of your purchase.

Over a Dozen ‘Mission Critical’ UAV Contracts, Forms & Hours of Training Videos – You will receive over one dozen key contracts and documents which set the industry standard for professional drone operators and Part 107 pilots.  You will also receive hours of training videos from drone attorneys and industry professionals teaching you how and why to use the documents, legal primers on the key areas of law you need to succeed as a commercial drone business. Here is a list of the documents and training videos currently available:

  •  sUAS Services Contract:  Are you proving drone services to customers? You receive an editable MS Word and fillable PDF version of this combination ‘drone services’ and ‘copyright license’ agreement form with thousands of different options built into the forms. Plus, you get 3 training videos from a qualified drone attorney on how and why to use these forms to your legal and marketing advantage. These videos will help build a successful drone services company, built around important legal principles which provide the foundation for your drone operations.

  • Notice of UAV Operations:  If you are flying near or over someone else’s private property, notice and permission is important. These forms are designed to set expectations and get you the permission you need. We will send two versions of our industry standard  “Notice of Commercial UAV Operations” forms, in two file formats (MS Word and Adobe PDF) (4 documents total) developed by the attorneys at specifically for Part 107  drone pilots and UAV service companies. you will also receive password protected training videos explaining (a) the importance of each form provision, (b) how to use these forms with neighboring property owners to your legal advantage and (c) a primer on the legal issues facing drone operators with neighboring property owners.

Here Are the Documents & Videos Scheduled to be Released by October 15, 2016:

  • Pilot Contractor Agreement: If you are are hiring a drone pilot as an independent contractor, this Pilot Contractor Agreement may be for you.
  • Copyright Assignment Forms: Who owns the copyright to the photos, videos and data captured during drone flight?  You do, if you use these forms.
  • Part 107 Operation Manual: Standardize your operations with this Part 107 Compliant Operations Manual.
  • Web Site Language:  You have a website.  But are your Terms of Use, Privacy Agreement and Copyright Policy customized to your drone operations  business model, compliant with state and federal laws?   We have the standard language you need for your website.
Bonus:  DroneLaw.Pro will release at least one (1) new set of Documents & Videos Each Month for 12 months after your subscription starts. You will receive access to all these documents at no additional charge as they become available. That means you will receive over fifteen (15) key contract forms / part 107 documents, and hours of training videos from experienced drone attorneys to help your drone company succeed. Some forms we are developing:
  • Work For Hire Agreements: Make sure that your contractors acknowledge that all copyrights to the photos, videos and data captured during drone flight belong to your company, not the contractor.
  • Employee Non-Compete Forms: Make sure your employees don’t steal you business model or customers.
  • Real Estate Due Diligence Forms: A form to provide your real estate customers so they know the right questions to ask when your ‘fly by night’ competitor tries to undersell your price or services.

There is More:  Purchase now and you will receive any upgrades to all of the contracts, documents and videos FREE for one year after purchase.

We also provide these documents ala carte. For more information about OPs In A Box or other drone contracts, OPs In A Box.

Some other available documents that we can prepare on your behalf include (but is not limited to):
– Single Member LLC
– Web Site Language
– Non-Compete Agreements
– Copyright Registration
– Custom Contract Drafting

If you have more question, Email Us or feel free to give us a call.